Safety Tips for Giglers Completing a Task

When completing a task on Gigley, here are a few tips you can follow to make you get the most out of the Gigley platform

  1. Before you commit to running a task, ask as many questions as you need to ensure that you can meet expectations and earn positive reviews.
  2. When first meeting, try to meet people in a public place like a busy street, office or café before going elsewhere.
  3. Upload extra photos on your profile and choose photos that clearly show your face. This lets people know you are happy to show who you are and that you’re a trustworthy person!
  4. Always let someone else know when you are running a task and where you’ll be. Remember to keep in touch and stay contactable on your mobile.
  5. If you feel unsafe about the task you are about to do or the place that you have to go to give us a call and if you ever feel like you are in danger call us
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