My offer has been accepted by Job Poster, what happens next ?

Once your offer has been accepted, the Job Poster places the agreed task Funds within an Gigley Trust Account and on the task page you will see that the status bar of the task will move from “Open” to “Assigned” state.

At this stage, you need to send the Job Poster a Private Message to confirm all the details that you need to complete the task and to swap your contact details to communicate via mobile or emails.

Once you have completed the task head over to the task page and click “request payment”. This will then prompt the Poster to release the task funds to your verified Bank.

Note: Please do not remove your bank account details or contact information if you have a task that has yet to be completed. Removal of important profile details like mobile number, avatar, bank account details will retract your existing offers and risk not getting paid for the completed job.

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